[Guide] How to root Samsung Galaxy S Korean Version [SHW-M110S] by Any Call

[Guide] How to root Samsung Galaxy S Korean Version [SHW-M110S] by Any Call

With this guide you will learn how to root Samsung Galaxy S Korean Version [SHW-M110S] by Any Call, After flashing the Gingerbread 2.3.5.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S Korean Version [SHW-M110S] by Any Call

Files Needed :

1- Odin 1.3

2. Kernel File

Lets start :

1- Download files given above.

2- Unplug any USB attached to Computer.

3- Power off the phone.

4- Press and hold Home button with Power button. [Download Mode] then plug USB cable.


6- Run Odin , connect phone in download mode with computer [ Odin will detect]


7- Check the PDA radio button and browse for file. [Tegrak-Kernel-Build-26-for-M110S-VG26.tar]

8- Press start button.

9- Phone will reboot and you got your mission.


Next thing is to install TEGRAK KERNEL

1- Setup wifi and access Android Market.

2- Search and download TEGRAK KERNEL Application, install and run.

3- In TEGRAK KERNEL ” Enable Tegrak Lagfix (all)”.

4- A confirmation message appears , Tap Yes, Phone will reboot after doing some magic it will back by press any key to reboot.

5. Now access TEGRAK KERNEL again and enable rooting.

6- Now your phone is Rooted and have root access.

7- Ready to install SHW-M110S custom rom.


Samsung Galaxy S Korean Version SHW-M110S Custom Roms Collection

GFAN WF07 SP 8 XDA Version

GFAN WF07 SP 6 XDA Version

Specially cooked for XDA members by courtesy of fte9k (Totally English and > 160 SMS Character Limit )

GFAN WF07 SP 8 Chinese Edition

GFAN WF07 SP 7 Chinese Edition

Toddy's ROM TE 2.9

GsmVN WF07 SP1

Zhang WF07

Toddy"s Rom TE 2.5 with SpeedMod Kernel

Toddy"s Rom TE 2.5 with Tegrak Kernel



Zhang WC13

Lidroid rat9 WC13

a) CN
b) CHS
c) English rooted

Toddy's Rom

a) ICS 4.04 TE17

b) TE13

Nakyup WC13


a) Secure JA31

B) ICS V1.4

Thanks to fte9k & xsenman Sponsor Links


can anyone share rom suported arabic


pls help :(( i flash my shw-m110s to ics 4.04 te17 and it kept rebooting.. help asap!


:) just flash recovey guide on xda forum........


wich rom are stable ? for shw-m11os :-?


I am living in Korea..Korean phone in my country(Bangladesh) network ok but some essential systems are limited....As example 1. message characters are limited,but in gsm area normal characters are 160... Korean phone 90 characters. 2. No radio software installed in korean phone. Korean phone totally korean style and software also different. Now i am asking for all friends.. I want to root my phone to make gsm style,how can i do that please ? Thanks all friends and waiting for nice opinion...


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